4 Things That Cause Household Fights (Along With How To Prevent It)

Differences of opinion in a household relationship are natural, but often people cannot respond to them in adulthood. Most of these misunderstandings lead to a fight. Even if you can respond with a cold head it won’t happen. You can avoid the cause of a fight so that a happy and strong marriage of all time.

It often happens, the happy calm atmosphere that you feel with your partner suddenly breaks down because of a fight. For example, while watching TV or chatting casually together, suddenly the conversation turns into a fight. And that causes you both to go to bed together with feelings of annoyance and anger.

The results of a study conducted by Rutgers University found 4 main causes of fighting. By knowing these 4 causes, you will be able to prevent it and make your relationship stronger than before, writes Dottie Billington, Ph.D. in his book Life Isan Attitude . The following are 4 main causes of fighting in the household:

  • Feeling denounced
    in this study the researchers found that couples often felt criticized or criticized when they were not. For example, your husband rarely helps with housework and has become a problem. You then say to him “I need help here!” He feels you are criticizing him, when in fact you need help. This kind of misunderstanding arises because when you say something related to a problem that has been around for a long time, your words tend to be regarded as criticism or reproach.
    • How to Avoid
      Before touching on a hot topic in your marriage, explain first how you feel. For example “I feel overwhelmed, I think it needs help”. Telling him why you made a request will make him feel un criticized. Therefore, he will be more willing to do what you want.
  • Too Much Asks
    you to ask him to take your car to the garage or he asks to make dinner for his boss’s dinner. Helping each other is part of the relationship. But, sometimes one partner feels doing more things than his partner. This then creates irritation when asked for help, will cause a fight.
    • How to Avoid
      If you believe, the number of jobs or household tasks that you each work with is a lot, then, asking for help doing other things will not trigger hatred. In other words, share your household duties fairly so that one of you does not overload the task which then triggers a fight.
  • Irritating Habits All of
    us must have bad habits, for example you often go late or your husband often forgets to take off his shoes and put them in place. This bad habit is often the beginning of a fight. You will assume that your husband does not respect you with his bad habits, even though you often rebuke him and he still does it. This is actually not an excuse to make you fight because bad habits must be slow to eliminate them.
    • How to Avoid
      Write down the good things from your husband and ask him to do the same. The next time if he does one of the annoying habits, read it before complaining. This method will remind you of the good side that makes you fall in love with it.
  • Rejection You
    once tried to hold your husband’s hand there but he refused, or your husband wanted to hug you but you avoided it. This will definitely cause a fight, because affection is a physical way of expressing my love for you, if one partner rejects the affection of his partner, the message received is that he is not loved, Billington said, even though you actually love.
    • How to Avoid
      Look for the right time for affection, for example when you want to hug your husband when you come home from work, you should do it when he is sitting relaxed. In essence, everything must be on time so that the argument can be minimized.

That’s the 4 causes of fighting in the household, along with how to avoid it. Hopefully the article is useful for all of you !!!

Intercepting Wasteful Proprietors

Having a partner who likes to waste money and likes shopping for things that are of little use is indeed an annoying thing. You are struggling to make money, but your partner is not able to control expenses is a dilemma for anyone. 

Sometimes your intention to build something is only limited to a dream due to the act of your partner. Wasteful nature is difficult to stop, but that doesn’t mean it can’t. There are a number of things you can do to control the extravagant nature of your partner, including:

  • Discuss Properly It is
    better to speak well and not harbor feelings, rather than later becoming a boomerang in your household. Over time, if you continue to talk about this with your partner, it is possible that you will change it little by little. After all, you are looking for money for your spouse and your household.
  • Financial Management Needs to Be Implemented
    Calculate the income and expenses between you and your partner, not to the large stake than the pole. For planning together what you want to get together, now your partner will know how to control your finances so that what you can dream of is achieved. In joint financial planning, it should apply punishment to anyone who violates it, thus the wastefulness of your partner will be controlled.
  • Save Money on a BANK
    By saving money on a BANK, your partner will be limited in terms of spending money. If money is kept at home in cash, it is likely that your partner will stop from his wasteful nature.
  • Create a Collective Agreement
    Make a mutual agreement or commitment, for whatever money is issued and what is not required to spend money. Committed to keeping and using it as a common goal. The commitment was made not to be entertained, so be sure.

Indeed, you are looking for money for your family, but it would be better if the money you have collected is used for something you and your partner really need. If your partner wants to go to a salon or shop, you may, as long as you don’t become a routine. Hopefully this brief description is useful for you.

Benefits of Getting Along Well in The Environment

Living in harmony with each other is to live side by side without discriminating views and beliefs, mutual respect for one another, and helping each other help. 

It will feel beautiful if we live in harmony, wherever and whenever. Hostility between humans has no benefit at all, because with hostility, people will become unfocused on something, it seems that life is not peaceful, and only has a negative effect on it. Another case if you live in harmony with others, because there will be many benefits contained in it. What are the benefits of living in harmony? The following include:

  • Will Create Harmony Together
    Help each other and help each other will create a harmonious atmosphere. Each other will always be there when you need help, and vice versa you will feel called when other people need your help.
  • A sense of security, comfort, and security
    Relationships that are well maintained with the environment will make things safer and more comfortable, because the threats from outside parties become smaller, even nonexistent. The environment will also be reluctant to disturb you, if you don’t bother him either.
  • Created an atmosphere with good communication between your fellow
    communication with the environment will be well maintained, not dropping each other. With good communication, it will keep away from permusushan among others, there will be no quarrels, and other negative things.
  • Strengthening the Rope of Brotherhood
    With the existence of harmony, a good relationship between the environment will be created so that unity will be maintained.
  • Having Many Brothers
    Not only do you get friends, but also brotherhood. This will make you not feel lonely because they will always be there when you need it.
  • Minimizing the Risk of Disputes
    With the existence of harmony, then each other will help and support each other. There is no jealousy, which can lead to disputes.

That is the benefit of being in harmony with each other. There’s no point in fighting, fighting with each other. Peace is beautiful. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.

How The Couple Returned to Harmony After A Fight

The quarrel between husband and wife has become fairness in a married life, some even say that a fight is actually a flavoring in navigating the household ark.

But if a fight occurs on a frequent frequency, you should immediately talk to your partner carefully before it’s too late.

Then what should you do to return to harmony after you fight with your partner? Try the following tips:

Forgiving and Recognizing

Without anyone succumbing, the peace agreement will not work. It’s best to give in to each other and end the fight. Don’t be selfish, because it will make things worse. And the important thing is that you don’t regret it later.

Talk From Heart to Heart

Express all the things you want to spill, but by still using a cold head, ask also what your partner is thinking. Then find the best solution to the problems that exist.

Create a comfortable and romantic atmosphere

Look for a favorite place for both of you, then discuss your problem with your partner again. Don’t be provoked again. Why should it be in a comfortable place? It functions to treat the brain to reduce emotional levels.

Remember the baby

If you have been blessed with children, then this will accelerate your peace. The easy way is, let the child fall asleep first, then invite your partner to sit next to the baby, then pay attention to the child while sleeping. I guarantee you and your partner will be touched in this way.

Remember beautiful memories

Try to remember sweet memories when going out first, at the beginning of marriage first, when the moment of childbirth, etc. Make those memories a trigger to increase your love for your partner.

After you succeed in returning harmoniously with your partner, try to feel, you will feel happiness and increased love for your partner like omdimas.com says. In essence, it is true that a fight is a seasoning in household life, but that is not necessarily your alibi when a fight occurs.

Introspect yourself each, do not blame the couple, do not consider your opinion the most correct, and always honestly open with your partner, it is the permanence of you married May be useful.

How to Secure Online Buying and Selling Transactions

Before I discuss about what you have to do in buying goods online, you should first have to know what is the meaning of buying and selling online itself.

Buying and selling online is a buying and selling transaction where between the seller and the buyer do not need to do face to face to sell or buy a product. Transactions can be via BBM, SMS, FB, Tel, etc.

Well, what should you pay attention to if you want to buy goods in this business, along with the explanation:

Make sure the site is trusted

Over time, emerging online buying and selling sites. Well, if you intend to buy products on sale and purchase, you should make sure about how credibility is, whether or not the site is known to be safe and reliable.

Also make sure about the procedures and policies of the site. Do not let policies that make you harm.

Of the many sites, of course there must be only fraudulent events, so be careful with lucrative lure, such as low prices, without shipping costs, etc.

Learn item details

Don’t just pay attention to the price, but you also have to learn in detail about the things related to the product. Also make sure that the image that is installed in accordance with reality, the way is to ask directly to the seller. And make an agreement, if it is not in accordance with the explanation and image you can return the item or how, (some kind of guarantee).

Don’t delete conversations when negotiating goods

Can SMS, BBM, FB, etc. That is also evidence if something we don’t want happens, such as an item not sent, etc.

Save proof of transfer

This is also a proof of fraud. Don’t get lost until the item you ordered is sent to your place. See also this site www.musikji.net.

Always be careful in stepping. Learn in detail everything. Hopefully the above review is useful for you.

How to Get Rid of House Mice

This one animal for our society is an animal that is very detrimental and very very disturbing. Not only because his hobbies like to steal our food, but rats also cause unpleasant odors, even our favorite items can be eaten by rats.

Mice are very disturbing to our lives, so they must be resisted. But we cannot eradicate it completely because mice breed rapidly. Even if we manage to repel or eradicate mice, later mice will come again.

So how do we get rid of house mice? The method is as follows:

By Bilogis (With Cats)

Even though not all cats like to eat mice, but by raising cats, the movements of mice will not be free. Because in essence rats are afraid of cats.

Chemically (Rat Poison)

Choose rat poisons that effectively kill mice. Because now there are many fake mouse poisons circulating, so you should be careful in choosing.

In a Physical Way (Trap and Glue)

This method is more preferred by people, because mice do not die immediately (so we can throw it away while still alive). If you use poisons, we usually can’t find rat carcasses, even though the carcass causes an unpleasant and stinging smell.

Create a Clean Environment

Although a clean environment does not guarantee the absence of rats, at least it can minimize the arrival of mice. Because mice don’t like clean places, that’s in essence.

Those are the ways to get around so that our homes can be free from rat disorders.

Besides the above method, it is better that we be careful in storing things (both clothes, food, etc.). Waste and items that have not been used should be discarded or burned immediately. For food safety, it should be stored in a safe place, for example a refrigerator or a tight cupboard.

As for clothing, the cupboard should be placed in the middle of the wall (do not shrink the wall), try to also have a distance between the walls and cabinets, this is so that we can easily clean between the cabinets. As for the cabinets that are rarely opened, you should check regularly so that you can identify the appearance of mice. May be useful.