4 Things That Cause Household Fights (Along With How To Prevent It)

Differences of opinion in a household relationship are natural, but often people cannot respond to them in adulthood. Most of these misunderstandings lead to a fight. Even if you can respond with a cold head it won’t happen. You can avoid the cause of a fight so that a happy and strong marriage of all time.

It often happens, the happy calm atmosphere that you feel with your partner suddenly breaks down because of a fight. For example, while watching TV or chatting casually together, suddenly the conversation turns into a fight. And that causes you both to go to bed together with feelings of annoyance and anger.

The results of a study conducted by Rutgers University found 4 main causes of fighting. By knowing these 4 causes, you will be able to prevent it and make your relationship stronger than before, writes Dottie Billington, Ph.D. in his book Life Isan Attitude . The following are 4 main causes of fighting in the household:

  • Feeling denounced
    in this study the researchers found that couples often felt criticized or criticized when they were not. For example, your husband rarely helps with housework and has become a problem. You then say to him “I need help here!” He feels you are criticizing him, when in fact you need help. This kind of misunderstanding arises because when you say something related to a problem that has been around for a long time, your words tend to be regarded as criticism or reproach.
    • How to Avoid
      Before touching on a hot topic in your marriage, explain first how you feel. For example “I feel overwhelmed, I think it needs help”. Telling him why you made a request will make him feel un criticized. Therefore, he will be more willing to do what you want.
  • Too Much Asks
    you to ask him to take your car to the garage or he asks to make dinner for his boss’s dinner. Helping each other is part of the relationship. But, sometimes one partner feels doing more things than his partner. This then creates irritation when asked for help, will cause a fight.
    • How to Avoid
      If you believe, the number of jobs or household tasks that you each work with is a lot, then, asking for help doing other things will not trigger hatred. In other words, share your household duties fairly so that one of you does not overload the task which then triggers a fight.
  • Irritating Habits All of
    us must have bad habits, for example you often go late or your husband often forgets to take off his shoes and put them in place. This bad habit is often the beginning of a fight. You will assume that your husband does not respect you with his bad habits, even though you often rebuke him and he still does it. This is actually not an excuse to make you fight because bad habits must be slow to eliminate them.
    • How to Avoid
      Write down the good things from your husband and ask him to do the same. The next time if he does one of the annoying habits, read it before complaining. This method will remind you of the good side that makes you fall in love with it.
  • Rejection You
    once tried to hold your husband’s hand there but he refused, or your husband wanted to hug you but you avoided it. This will definitely cause a fight, because affection is a physical way of expressing my love for you, if one partner rejects the affection of his partner, the message received is that he is not loved, Billington said, even though you actually love.
    • How to Avoid
      Look for the right time for affection, for example when you want to hug your husband when you come home from work, you should do it when he is sitting relaxed. In essence, everything must be on time so that the argument can be minimized.

That’s the 4 causes of fighting in the household, along with how to avoid it. Hopefully the article is useful for all of you !!!

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