Facing Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment or sexual harassment these days is very alarming, eg only sexual harassment in the workplace, harassment or sexual temptation is often experienced by women workers. sexual harassmentis an unwanted disorder that is sexual.

These include dirty jokes, pornography, sexy movements, repeated seduction, touch, questions that lead to sex, and sexy comments about someone. Harassment can be between superiors to subordinates, subordinates to prospective employees, or outsiders to employees. This often happens when the boss gives the lure not to be fired or to get promoted. Often it also happens if subordinate work is not pleasing in the supervisor’s judgment. Another employee who knows about this temptation can be a victim if the teaser for example threatens to shut up.

If you experience sexual abuse, what steps can you take? Here’s how to deal with abuse at the workplace:

  • React quickly, don’t wait for the interference to pass.
  • Tell the offender to stop, say that you do not like, do not want and do not take interest in the temptation.
  • Note the temptation, time, day, place, event, witness and how you and their influence on the work.
  • Create documents about your work. If later the perpetrator says your job is bad, then you can argue it.
  • Learn the rules about sexual disorders in your company.
  • If a colleague interferes, say to HRD or other supervisors,
  • If the boss interferes, tell him again, or the HR manager. If you feel treated unfairly, report it to an entity outside the company.
  • For entities outside the company, contact human rights institutions, or women’s defense organizations.
  • Join your protest with definite requests, such as moving parts, or disciplinary punishment on the offender.
  • Rest assured that such outside the law and indeed needs to be reported.

If you feel sexual harassment has already exceeded or is already out of bounds, then you must report to the authorities (police). Include evidence and witness so that the police immediately take action against the perpetrator. Hopefully you are always given convenience in work, and are free from sexual abuse cases. Hopefully, the short article will be useful for all of you.

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