How To Naturally Treat Toothache

Instead of heartache, it is better to get this toothache, so that it doesn’t matter. It is a very popular dangdut song lyrics. What does this article relate to?

According to some people, it may be true what is described in the song lyrics above. But for those of you who are experiencing toothache, that is the wrong view, because toothache can be very painful for the sufferer. This is my friend’s experience, he had suffered a toothache and he said very very sick, even operated on twice in one hospital.

How To Naturally Treat Toothache

There are several types of toothache, such as rarely cleaning your teeth, eating too sweet foods (resulting in tooth holes), brushing your teeth with an unclean toothbrush, etc.

The simple way you need to do to minimize toothache is by cleaning your teeth. If that isn’t enough, then try some natural ingredients that can be used to treat toothache:

By using red onion

Shallot contains substances that are antiseptic and antimicrobial, this function is to reduce pain in the ailing tooth.

The trick: take a few cloves of onion, chew raw shallots using sick teeth. Perform routine until completely healed.

With garlic

In addition to red onion, garlic can also be used as a medicine to reduce pain in diseased teeth, because garlic contains antibiotic substances so that pain can be caused by toothache.

How: take a few cloves of garlic, then pressed, then just take the juice, then apply to the aching teeth.

Wear lemon juice

The content of vitamin C in oranges can be used to treat toothache.

The trick: take one lemon, then cut it into 6 parts, then one by one the squeeze is squeezed right against the sore teeth.

By wearing salt

Believe it or not, it turns out that salt can also be used to treat dental diseases.

The trick: take enough salt, enter into warm water, then mix well. Then mix the salt with the water used for gargling. Keep in mind, initially it will feel hot and sore, but for a long time it will be nice.

By using wuluh starfruit

The method is quite simple, take the star fruit, then wash it thoroughly. Then chew the starfruit using sick teeth.

Those are some natural ways to treat toothache. Frequently clean your teeth by brushing your teeth after eating, it becomes an antidote to the growth of disease in the teeth. May be useful.

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