Making Milk Melon Syrup

There are many ways and flavors in choosing a syrup as a very refreshing drink, one of the syrup that is in addition to fresh and beneficial for the body is melon milk syrup. As we all know that melons have very many benefits for humans, especially added milk (which also benefits a lot for the human body).

For those of you who don’t want to bother making it yourself, many of these syrup types are sold on the market. But for those of you who want to be creative to make it, can follow the following recipe:

Milk Melon Recipe


  • 500 grams of peeled melon, cut it roughly
  • 750 grams of sugar
  • 250 grams of glucose
  • 300 ml air
  • 200 ml of fresh milk
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Esen melon to taste
  • Green food color (to taste)

How to make:

  • Add melon and milk in a blender, process until smooth and evenly mixed.
  • Mix the melon, glucose and granulated sugar.
  • Boil the mixture over low heat while stirring occasionally until thick. If it’s thick, remove it immediately.
  • Leave until the vapor disappears.
  • Add melon essence and food coloring, mix well.
  • Pour syrup in sterilized glass bottles. Cover until meeting.

For 1500 ml.

That’s a simple and easy way to make melon milk syrup, hopefully it will benefit you all. Good luck!!!

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