Efficacious Kitchen Spice

Cuisine tastes delicious when using a complete kitchen spice. But for people who do not understand about kitchen spices, cooking is enough to use onion and garlic plus salt and sugar. Complete kitchen spices besides making dishes to be delicious will also increase appetite, besides that it is also beneficial in the world of traditional medicine.

The following types of herbs have medicinal properties including:


White onion with a large elongated feature that shrinks and smells delicious. In addition to spices, this spice can be used to treat high blood pressure.

Red onion

This onion like garlic is only red. This seasoning is generally used for kitchen spices used with garlic. This onion is useful in traditional medicine as it can to reduce heat in children by being grated and distributed to the back and abdomen. In addition, it can be used to treat itching by means of sliced ​​onions. The sliced ​​part will release the sap and sap which is used to smear the itchy part.


The characteristics of the bulb are white and stingy. Ginger is beneficial to the herbs as a sweet-smelling flavor on the fish, and can make the cuisine tasty. In the world of traditional medicines is beneficial To cope with winds by being rubbed on the stomach and body.


The dark yellow stem tuber can make the dish become yellow. And can be used as a safe and natural coloring agent. In traditional medicine it functions to add blood by grated, squeezed the water boiled with acid and palm sugar and drunk regularly.


This tuber is white but different from ginger. These bulbs or spices are generally small. Kencur mixed with lime juice and rock sugar can serve to cough up. If eaten just like that can cause the sound to be clear and melodious. Shredded and rubbed into the back and abdomen can cause the body to warm up and blood flow to be smooth.


Cinnamon is not a useful piece of fruit but its scented skin. In addition to cooking seasoning can serve as a mixture of making param or various powder.


This orange smells delicious and tastes sweet and sour. This orange is useful for herbal medicine if mixed with betel lime can to remove ink stains. The flavored water mixed with sweet soy sauce can serve as a cough medicine.

That is the variety of spices in the kitchen that are useful for health because it is also efficacious as a medicine. May be useful.

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