How to Get Rid of House Mice

This one animal for our society is an animal that is very detrimental and very very disturbing. Not only because his hobbies like to steal our food, but rats also cause unpleasant odors, even our favorite items can be eaten by rats.

Mice are very disturbing to our lives, so they must be resisted. But we cannot eradicate it completely because mice breed rapidly. Even if we manage to repel or eradicate mice, later mice will come again.

So how do we get rid of house mice? The method is as follows:

By Bilogis (With Cats)

Even though not all cats like to eat mice, but by raising cats, the movements of mice will not be free. Because in essence rats are afraid of cats.

Chemically (Rat Poison)

Choose rat poisons that effectively kill mice. Because now there are many fake mouse poisons circulating, so you should be careful in choosing.

In a Physical Way (Trap and Glue)

This method is more preferred by people, because mice do not die immediately (so we can throw it away while still alive). If you use poisons, we usually can’t find rat carcasses, even though the carcass causes an unpleasant and stinging smell.

Create a Clean Environment

Although a clean environment does not guarantee the absence of rats, at least it can minimize the arrival of mice. Because mice don’t like clean places, that’s in essence.

Those are the ways to get around so that our homes can be free from rat disorders.

Besides the above method, it is better that we be careful in storing things (both clothes, food, etc.). Waste and items that have not been used should be discarded or burned immediately. For food safety, it should be stored in a safe place, for example a refrigerator or a tight cupboard.

As for clothing, the cupboard should be placed in the middle of the wall (do not shrink the wall), try to also have a distance between the walls and cabinets, this is so that we can easily clean between the cabinets. As for the cabinets that are rarely opened, you should check regularly so that you can identify the appearance of mice. May be useful.

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