How To Maintain Friendship To Be Durable

Friendship is something fun, because friends will always be in joy and sorrow. But there are things that can cause a friendship to break up and break up, even though someone will definitely want lasting and lasting friendship. 

The destruction of friendship can be caused by many factors, including: betrayal, jealousy, debate, rivalry, long-distance friendships, false friends, etc. Therefore, to maintain friendship it needs joint cohesiveness to maintain each other’s friendship. Now besides that there are some things you must do to maintain friendship, including:

  • Commitment
    Make a joint commitment to what is the basis of that friendship. After that, keep each other’s commitment so that it can go hand in hand.
  • Don’t Envy Each other
    It’s best to be friends if you are a successful friend or get a new boyfriend (for example). Don’t be jealous, because as I said earlier, the destruction of friendship is one of envy.
  • Patience
    Because friendship is not just you, but it involves other people, so to keep friendship lasting it must have patience. There will be many differences of opinion and views of each other because your character and character will also be different. Patient in facing the situation.
  • Don’t be stiff
    you must be flexible and not rigid, because in the relationship of friendship there will be various kinds of desires. Therefore you do not be selfish and win yourself.
  • Mutual Communication
    To maintain friendship relations furthermore is communication, this method will make friendships closely because each other feels valued.
  • Same Align and Same Sense
    There is no priority, because it must be the same. Treat your friends as you want to be treated.

Friendship is like a cocoon, turning caterpillars into butterflies. Heheheh, instead singing. Read More at

Take care of friendship so that it can last until death that separates (a little more). That’s the way to make that friendship last long and lasting, hopefully it’s useful.

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