How To Start A New Business Well And Correctly

Finding a job in the present is not easy, because the vacancies available are not comparable to the number of job seekers. Just one job, maybe a thousand or more who need it. So from that we need creativity so that we can still compete in the current era of globalization. 

One way that you can afford it without relying on job openings is by opening your own business. Opening your own business that starts from zero is difficult, but if you are able to survive and run a business in a good and right way, then your business will likely run as expected. There are a number of points that must be made to start a new business to run as expected, including:

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
    You have to speculate in starting the business, don’t imagine a failure because in the business world failure is the beginning of success.
  • Start a Business Based on the Things You Like
    By running a business according to what you like or hobbies, then you know a little and have mastered what you have to prepare, and of course you already understand very well the things in it. For example, if you like raising birds, just open a bird feed business. Or if you are a woman and like to cook, just open a culinary business, etc.
  • Do not Jump With Large Capital
    Start a business with a small capital first, meaning open an unnecessary business with large capital. After all, if your business goes well, then the business will be large with time.
  • Manage Business By Understanding 5W + 1H
    5W (What, Why, Where, When, Who) and 1H (How) is the basic capital of your knowledge before starting a business.
    1. What? What business will be carried out
    2. Why? Why did you choose the business
    3. Where? Where the business will be carried out
    4. When? When will the business be run
    5. Who? Who is your business target
    6. How? How are you doing it
  • Don’t Shy to Ask
    Don’t be shy about asking what other people have done (who have the same business as you) and other people who have successfully run the business. Searching for knowledge not only at school, but also through various things.
  • Evaluation Every Day
    See what happens today, tomorrow, and so on. Evaluate your business as a whole, what is lacking, whether the business has gone according to plan, etc.
  • Enjoy
    Enjoying the business you are running, enjoy the process. Don’t complain if the business is not advanced, just enjoy it. As time goes by there will be changes here and there according to the wishes of consumers.

Those are some things you must do in an effort to start a new business. Do not give up if you experience failure, keep up the spirit because the results you will get if you really mean it. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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