Overcoming Boyfriend Girlfriend

Keeping a relationship so that it is always good and durable in a relationship of love is certainly hope for everyone, including human beings who are in a relationship with a boyfriend. But hope can not always run smoothly, because there must be trials and temptations that come over.

This requires maturity so that the relationship with the boyfriend does not stop in the middle of the road. Sometimes small things can become a stumbling block and that causes your boyfriend to become cranky or angry. If you experience this, it’s your job to make it back to normal. Below, I will give you a number of ways to get a girlfriend who is cranky to smile again, including:

  • Do not Follow Emotions
    Fire will go out if faced with water, then when he is becoming a fire because of anger, then your job is to be water so that the problems are quickly resolved and not tangled. Keep calm in dealing with it, don’t be provoked by emotion.
  • Give Time to Think
    Better Clearly Most cranky people will not be able to meet with people who make them crunchy. If that happens, leave it first, let him think while managing emotions. Do not impose your will, because it takes time.
  • Explain What Actually Happens Honestly
    Tell the truth what really happened, don’t lie. If he starts to sulk because there is talk from other people about you, then prove that it is not true, and if he sulked because of your actions then say that there is no intention to make him angry (promising also that you will not repeat it).
  • Sorry,
    whatever you do and make him angry (intentionally or unintentionally), you should apologize. One must give in.
  • Make Him Laugh With Your Gombalan Seduce
    your angry girlfriend with a romantic but slightly funny word, usually it will make him blush. If initially there is no effect, but usually after a long time he will melt too.
  • Say
    that you love her so much Say repeatedly that you love her so much, with that, she will start thinking that you really are serious about your love, so she will start trying to forget your mistakes.
  • Do not Repeat the Same Error
    If all is back to normal, be assured that you will not repeat the error. Remember, only the donkey falls in the same hole.

A relationship is very rare that can run smoothly, because there must be problems that go with it. Be mature and wise so that you are able to overcome the problems that arise, and later you can go to a level that is more in line with your boyfriend. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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