Natural Ways to Treat Influenza

Influenza is caused by influenza virus. This disease is caused by infections through breathing such as the throat and lungs. Symptoms that arise are fever and headache. This form of resistance of the immune system to the virus is what causes fever.

There are many drugs that are useful to cure influenza disease, both in pharmacies and food stalls around us. It’s OK if you use these drugs for the healing process. But what you need to pay attention to from these drugs is their side effects if you consume too often. In addition to the above drugs there are still more ways that can be used to treat influenza.

Natural Ways to Treat Influenza

Well for those of you who want alternative treatments in a natural way, here are some natural ingredients or ways to treat influenza:

Drink plenty of warm water

Simple and simple, because warm water is always available in our homes. Warm water is to overcome dehydration because the body sweats too much. Warm water can also function to thin the phlegm that clogs the throat and nose.


Garlic has antibiotic substances to fight viruses. The method is quite easy, can be mixed with cuisine or can also be inhaled the aroma. This will make your blocked nose runny.

Increase fruit consumption

The content of vitamin C contained in fruit can increase immunity. This means that by consuming fruits, it speeds up the healing of influenza.


Turmeric can also increase the body’s immunity, useful to repel viruses that cause disease. The trick is to grate turmeric with red onion, then the grater is given a little eucalyptus oil. Then apply to the chest and back.

Those are some natural ways that can be used to treat influenza. And what needs to be paid attention to is so much rest, if you want to take a shower, use warm water. May be useful.

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