How to Secure Online Buying and Selling Transactions

Before I discuss about what you have to do in buying goods online, you should first have to know what is the meaning of buying and selling online itself.

Buying and selling online is a buying and selling transaction where between the seller and the buyer do not need to do face to face to sell or buy a product. Transactions can be via BBM, SMS, FB, Tel, etc.

Well, what should you pay attention to if you want to buy goods in this business, along with the explanation:

Make sure the site is trusted

Over time, emerging online buying and selling sites. Well, if you intend to buy products on sale and purchase, you should make sure about how credibility is, whether or not the site is known to be safe and reliable.

Also make sure about the procedures and policies of the site. Do not let policies that make you harm.

Of the many sites, of course there must be only fraudulent events, so be careful with lucrative lure, such as low prices, without shipping costs, etc.

Learn item details

Don’t just pay attention to the price, but you also have to learn in detail about the things related to the product. Also make sure that the image that is installed in accordance with reality, the way is to ask directly to the seller. And make an agreement, if it is not in accordance with the explanation and image you can return the item or how, (some kind of guarantee).

Don’t delete conversations when negotiating goods

Can SMS, BBM, FB, etc. That is also evidence if something we don’t want happens, such as an item not sent, etc.

Save proof of transfer

This is also a proof of fraud. Don’t get lost until the item you ordered is sent to your place.

Always be careful in stepping. Learn in detail everything. Hopefully the above review is useful for you.

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