Multi Benefits In Vitamin C Content

Master of Nutrient , that’s the nickname for vitamin C which is rich in benefits and benefits. If your needs for vitamin C are met, then some diseases will avoid your life, and also vitamin C works to cure some diseases.

Foods that contain lots of vitamin C are fruits. So it is recommended that you do not forget to consume fruits so that your body’s immunity is maintained and not easily suffer from disease.

Vitamin C is also useful as a cholesterol and triglyceride balancer. This is proven in clinical studies which show that vitamin C can reduce high cholesterol and serum triglycerides in someone who has high cholesterol levels. However, vitamin C cannot reduce cholesterol levels in someone who has normal cholesterol levels. This means that vitamin C can act as homeostasis in achieving balance.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid (the chemical name for vitamin C) can also be used to treat arthritis. Arthritis that can cause regenerated collagen can be avoided with this vitamin.

An effective dose of vitamin C between 1-3 grams per day is considered sufficient to prevent colds and influenza.

During this time many people argue that the body can only store vitamin C in very small amounts, and is a waste when consuming vitamin C in high doses, but the assumption turned out to be wrong.

Actually the body stores vitamin C content fluctuatively (depending on the amount needed to support the immune system, binds to free radicals, regulates cholesterol metabolism, etc.)

A scientist named Robert Catchart argues that how much vitamin C levels are needed is through stomach tolerance. This technique does not explain how much to consume, but the body is asked to determine its own vitamin C needs. The conclusion of this technique is simple, vitamin C will be known to be excessive or not based on whether or not diarrhea arises. This is because the concentrated solution of vitamin C in the small intestine cells will draw water from the surrounding cells, release dirt, and produce diarrhea. So the maximum dose is exactly below the dose that causes diarrhea.

Choose fresh fruit to get more vitamin C properties so that the benefits contained can be perfect for your body. May be useful.

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