Facing Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment or sexual harassment these days is very alarming, eg only sexual harassment in the workplace, harassment or sexual temptation is often experienced by women workers. sexual harassmentis an unwanted disorder that is sexual.

These include dirty jokes, pornography, sexy movements, repeated seduction, touch, questions that lead to sex, and sexy comments about someone. Harassment can be between superiors to subordinates, subordinates to prospective employees, or outsiders to employees. This often happens when the boss gives the lure not to be fired or to get promoted. Often it also happens if subordinate work is not pleasing in the supervisor’s judgment. Another employee who knows about this temptation can be a victim if the teaser for example threatens to shut up.

If you experience sexual abuse, what steps can you take? Here’s how to deal with abuse at the workplace:

  • React quickly, don’t wait for the interference to pass.
  • Tell the offender to stop, say that you do not like, do not want and do not take interest in the temptation.
  • Note the temptation, time, day, place, event, witness and how you and their influence on the work.
  • Create documents about your work. If later the perpetrator says your job is bad, then you can argue it.
  • Learn the rules about sexual disorders in your company.
  • If a colleague interferes, say to HRD or other supervisors,
  • If the boss interferes, tell him again, or the HR manager. If you feel treated unfairly, report it to an entity outside the company.
  • For entities outside the company, contact human rights institutions, or women’s defense organizations.
  • Join your protest with definite requests, such as moving parts, or disciplinary punishment on the offender.
  • Rest assured that such outside the law and indeed needs to be reported.

If you feel sexual harassment has already exceeded or is already out of bounds, then you must report to the authorities (police). Include evidence and witness so that the police immediately take action against the perpetrator. Hopefully you are always given convenience in work, and are free from sexual abuse cases. Hopefully, the short article will be useful for all of you.…

Tips for Choosing Good Fruit

Experts recommend that routinely eat at least 5 servings of fruit per day, because the fruits contain various vitamins, minerals, and fiber, also contain phytochemicals that are beneficial for overall body health. By consuming fruit, it will reduce the risk of several diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and prevent certain types of cancer, such as oral cancer, stomach cancer, and colorectal cancer 

However, to get some fruit benefits, you must be smart in choosing fruit. Because fruit that is rotten or damaged will actually cause the disease to appear. Then how do you choose good fruit, so that the benefits contained in it can be absorbed properly by the body? The following tips:

Grapes of
bunches of grapes must have a green, flexible fruit stalk with fruit that is firmly attached to the stalk. Avoid dried fruit, or those with brown fruit or fruit that is wrinkled and soft. Store in the refrigerator without first washing. Washing should be presented.

Choose apples that are bright and hard, avoid apples that already appear wrinkled. Don’t choose soft apples when pressed, let alone apples that are already defective outside.

If you want to be consumed immediately, choose an avocado that is slightly soft when pressed lightly (but the outer skin is still fresh and green). Avocado fruit in such conditions can be consumed in 1-2 days. However, if you want to consume avocado for a period of 3-4 days, then choose fruit that is still hard when pressed. Avoid skin that has been peeled or scratched, because the germs will enter into it.

Choose fruits that are hard, dry, smooth, fat and brightly colored. Soft fruit means it’s too ripe. The wrinkled fruit means it’s been stored for a long time. Cover the container loosely and store it in the refrigerator without first washing, washing when it will be served. This also applies to choosing blackberries, blueberries, reaspberries.

Choose fruits that look shiny, fat with flexible stalks, avoid hard, wrinkled or deformed fruits (especially moldy). Save in the bag without washing it.

or good orange is the weight for its size, has a shiny and smooth fruit skin. Avoid already dull, rough, thick or dry fruit skin.

Lift the fruit and smell the aroma (at the bottom of the fruit), the ripe pineapple has a distinctive aroma. Choose fruit that is heavy for its size with green leaves. Avoid fruits where one part is soft.

Choose hard and freshly tender pears, hard pears can be ripened at home at room temperature. How to ripen it is by storing it in a plastic bag, if it is ripe it is just overwritten in the refrigerator. Avoid fruits that are already defective or dull and wrinkled.

Banana Banana
ripe skin is yellow with black and brown spots. Choose the fruit whose yellow is still dominant, not the opposite (although it is still delicious, but the banana with a more dominant black color means it’s too ripe). See also hargapromosupermarket.com

Choose watermelon that has bright green skin, dull (not glossy) with a yellowish color (the opposite end of the stem). This is a sign of ripe fruit on the ground. Hit the watermelon, the watermelon that is too ripe will feel hollow when hit.

Those are simple tips for choosing good fruit, so that the benefits in the fruit can reach your body. Hopefully useful for you.…

Preventing Tonsils From Recurring Children

A study conducted by experts or researchers at Rochester Medical Center, New York University found that tonsillitis in children often recur despite getting antibiotic therapy. The study was conducted on 1,080 children, ages 2 to 18 years who suffered from strep throat caused by bactery Streptococus.

All children were treated at a private doctor in Rochester, New York. each child receives 9 different types of antibiotics to treat infection. Within 20 days of completing treatment with antibiotics, symptoms occurred again in 17% of children. The findings were reported at the 46 th Annual Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chermotherapy, of the American Society for Microbiology, in San Francisco.

There are several ways to prevent the tonsils from appearing or recurring. Tonsillitis is the most common attack or occurs in children aged 3 to 7 years. Most tonsillitis is caused by a virus, but there are also several types of bacteria that can cause inflammation of amadel. For this reason, prevention methods include:

  • To prevent tonsillitis, always keep your hands clean. Hand washing is an important way to prevent viruses and bacteria that cause tonsillectomy.
  • When washing hands, rub with soap and warm water for 20 seconds.
  • If there is no water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with anyone who suffers from sore throat and does not take antibiotics for at least 24 hours.

That’s an easy way to prevent your child from having the same problem, namely recurrence of tonsillitis. Hopefully it will be useful for you, and hope your child is always in a healthy condition.…

Benefits of Getting Along Well in The Environment

Living in harmony with each other is to live side by side without discriminating views and beliefs, mutual respect for one another, and helping each other help. 

It will feel beautiful if we live in harmony, wherever and whenever. Hostility between humans has no benefit at all, because with hostility, people will become unfocused on something, it seems that life is not peaceful, and only has a negative effect on it. Another case if you live in harmony with others, because there will be many benefits contained in it. What are the benefits of living in harmony? The following include:

  • Will Create Harmony Together
    Help each other and help each other will create a harmonious atmosphere. Each other will always be there when you need help, and vice versa you will feel called when other people need your help.
  • A sense of security, comfort, and security
    Relationships that are well maintained with the environment will make things safer and more comfortable, because the threats from outside parties become smaller, even nonexistent. The environment will also be reluctant to disturb you, if you don’t bother him either.
  • Created an atmosphere with good communication between your fellow
    communication with the environment will be well maintained, not dropping each other. With good communication, it will keep away from permusushan among others, there will be no quarrels, and other negative things.
  • Strengthening the Rope of Brotherhood
    With the existence of harmony, a good relationship between the environment will be created so that unity will be maintained.
  • Having Many Brothers
    Not only do you get friends, but also brotherhood. This will make you not feel lonely because they will always be there when you need it.
  • Minimizing the Risk of Disputes
    With the existence of harmony, then each other will help and support each other. There is no jealousy, which can lead to disputes.

That is the benefit of being in harmony with each other. There’s no point in fighting, fighting with each other. Peace is beautiful. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.…

How To Start A New Business Well And Correctly

Finding a job in the present is not easy, because the vacancies available are not comparable to the number of job seekers. Just one job, maybe a thousand or more who need it. So from that we need creativity so that we can still compete in the current era of globalization. 

One way that you can afford it without relying on job openings is by opening your own business. Opening your own business that starts from zero is difficult, but if you are able to survive and run a business in a good and right way, then your business will likely run as expected. There are a number of points that must be made to start a new business to run as expected, including:

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
    You have to speculate in starting the business, don’t imagine a failure because in the business world failure is the beginning of success.
  • Start a Business Based on the Things You Like
    By running a business according to what you like or hobbies, then you know a little and have mastered what you have to prepare, and of course you already understand very well the things in it. For example, if you like raising birds, just open a bird feed business. Or if you are a woman and like to cook, just open a culinary business, etc.
  • Do not Jump With Large Capital
    Start a business with a small capital first, meaning open an unnecessary business with large capital. After all, if your business goes well, then the business will be large with time.
  • Manage Business By Understanding 5W + 1H
    5W (What, Why, Where, When, Who) and 1H (How) is the basic capital of your knowledge before starting a business.
    1. What? What business will be carried out
    2. Why? Why did you choose the business
    3. Where? Where the business will be carried out
    4. When? When will the business be run
    5. Who? Who is your business target
    6. How? How are you doing it
  • Don’t Shy to Ask
    Don’t be shy about asking what other people have done (who have the same business as you) and other people who have successfully run the business. Searching for knowledge not only at school, but also through various things.
  • Evaluation Every Day
    See what happens today, tomorrow, and so on. Evaluate your business as a whole, what is lacking, whether the business has gone according to plan, etc.
  • Enjoy
    Enjoying the business you are running, enjoy the process. Don’t complain if the business is not advanced, just enjoy it. As time goes by there will be changes here and there according to the wishes of consumers.

Those are some things you must do in an effort to start a new business. Do not give up if you experience failure, keep up the spirit because the results you will get if you really mean it. Hopefully this article is useful for you.…

How To Maintain Friendship To Be Durable

Friendship is something fun, because friends will always be in joy and sorrow. But there are things that can cause a friendship to break up and break up, even though someone will definitely want lasting and lasting friendship. 

The destruction of friendship can be caused by many factors, including: betrayal, jealousy, debate, rivalry, long-distance friendships, false friends, etc. Therefore, to maintain friendship it needs joint cohesiveness to maintain each other’s friendship. Now besides that there are some things you must do to maintain friendship, including:

  • Commitment
    Make a joint commitment to what is the basis of that friendship. After that, keep each other’s commitment so that it can go hand in hand.
  • Don’t Envy Each other
    It’s best to be friends if you are a successful friend or get a new boyfriend (for example). Don’t be jealous, because as I said earlier, the destruction of friendship is one of envy.
  • Patience
    Because friendship is not just you, but it involves other people, so to keep friendship lasting it must have patience. There will be many differences of opinion and views of each other because your character and character will also be different. Patient in facing the situation.
  • Don’t be stiff
    you must be flexible and not rigid, because in the relationship of friendship there will be various kinds of desires. Therefore you do not be selfish and win yourself.
  • Mutual Communication
    To maintain friendship relations furthermore is communication, this method will make friendships closely because each other feels valued.
  • Same Align and Same Sense
    There is no priority, because it must be the same. Treat your friends as you want to be treated.

Friendship is like a cocoon, turning caterpillars into butterflies. Heheheh, instead singing. Read More at mcfol.org

Take care of friendship so that it can last until death that separates (a little more). That’s the way to make that friendship last long and lasting, hopefully it’s useful.…

Efficacious Kitchen Spice

Cuisine tastes delicious when using a complete kitchen spice. But for people who do not understand about kitchen spices, cooking is enough to use onion and garlic plus salt and sugar. Complete kitchen spices besides making dishes to be delicious will also increase appetite, besides that it is also beneficial in the world of traditional medicine.

The following types of herbs have medicinal properties including:


White onion with a large elongated feature that shrinks and smells delicious. In addition to spices, this spice can be used to treat high blood pressure.

Red onion

This onion like garlic is only red. This seasoning is generally used for kitchen spices used with garlic. This onion is useful in traditional medicine as it can to reduce heat in children by being grated and distributed to the back and abdomen. In addition, it can be used to treat itching by means of sliced ​​onions. The sliced ​​part will release the sap and sap which is used to smear the itchy part.


The characteristics of the bulb are white and stingy. Ginger is beneficial to the herbs as a sweet-smelling flavor on the fish, and can make the cuisine tasty. In the world of traditional medicines is beneficial To cope with winds by being rubbed on the stomach and body.


The dark yellow stem tuber can make the dish become yellow. And can be used as a safe and natural coloring agent. In traditional medicine it functions to add blood by grated, squeezed the water boiled with acid and palm sugar and drunk regularly.


This tuber is white but different from ginger. These bulbs or spices are generally small. Kencur mixed with lime juice and rock sugar can serve to cough up. If eaten just like that can cause the sound to be clear and melodious. Shredded and rubbed into the back and abdomen can cause the body to warm up and blood flow to be smooth.


Cinnamon is not a useful piece of fruit but its scented skin. In addition to cooking seasoning can serve as a mixture of making param or various powder.


This orange smells delicious and tastes sweet and sour. This orange is useful for herbal medicine if mixed with betel lime can to remove ink stains. The flavored water mixed with sweet soy sauce can serve as a cough medicine.

That is the variety of spices in the kitchen that are useful for health because it is also efficacious as a medicine. May be useful.…

How To Naturally Treat Toothache

Instead of heartache, it is better to get this toothache, so that it doesn’t matter. It is a very popular dangdut song lyrics. What does this article relate to?

According to some people, it may be true what is described in the song lyrics above. But for those of you who are experiencing toothache, that is the wrong view, because toothache can be very painful for the sufferer. This is my friend’s experience, he had suffered a toothache and he said very very sick, even operated on twice in one hospital.

How To Naturally Treat Toothache

There are several types of toothache, such as rarely cleaning your teeth, eating too sweet foods (resulting in tooth holes), brushing your teeth with an unclean toothbrush, etc.

The simple way you need to do to minimize toothache is by cleaning your teeth. If that isn’t enough, then try some natural ingredients that can be used to treat toothache:

By using red onion

Shallot contains substances that are antiseptic and antimicrobial, this function is to reduce pain in the ailing tooth.

The trick: take a few cloves of onion, chew raw shallots using sick teeth. Perform routine until completely healed.

With garlic

In addition to red onion, garlic can also be used as a medicine to reduce pain in diseased teeth, because garlic contains antibiotic substances so that pain can be caused by toothache.

How: take a few cloves of garlic, then pressed, then just take the juice, then apply to the aching teeth.

Wear lemon juice

The content of vitamin C in oranges can be used to treat toothache.

The trick: take one lemon, then cut it into 6 parts, then one by one the squeeze is squeezed right against the sore teeth.

By wearing salt

Believe it or not, it turns out that salt can also be used to treat dental diseases.

The trick: take enough salt, enter into warm water, then mix well. Then mix the salt with the water used for gargling. Keep in mind, initially it will feel hot and sore, but for a long time it will be nice.

By using wuluh starfruit

The method is quite simple, take the star fruit, then wash it thoroughly. Then chew the starfruit using sick teeth.

Those are some natural ways to treat toothache. Frequently clean your teeth by brushing your teeth after eating, it becomes an antidote to the growth of disease in the teeth. May be useful.…

How The Couple Returned to Harmony After A Fight

The quarrel between husband and wife has become fairness in a married life, some even say that a fight is actually a flavoring in navigating the household ark.

But if a fight occurs on a frequent frequency, you should immediately talk to your partner carefully before it’s too late.

Then what should you do to return to harmony after you fight with your partner? Try the following tips:

Forgiving and Recognizing

Without anyone succumbing, the peace agreement will not work. It’s best to give in to each other and end the fight. Don’t be selfish, because it will make things worse. And the important thing is that you don’t regret it later.

Talk From Heart to Heart

Express all the things you want to spill, but by still using a cold head, ask also what your partner is thinking. Then find the best solution to the problems that exist.

Create a comfortable and romantic atmosphere

Look for a favorite place for both of you, then discuss your problem with your partner again. Don’t be provoked again. Why should it be in a comfortable place? It functions to treat the brain to reduce emotional levels.

Remember the baby

If you have been blessed with children, then this will accelerate your peace. The easy way is, let the child fall asleep first, then invite your partner to sit next to the baby, then pay attention to the child while sleeping. I guarantee you and your partner will be touched in this way.

Remember beautiful memories

Try to remember sweet memories when going out first, at the beginning of marriage first, when the moment of childbirth, etc. Make those memories a trigger to increase your love for your partner.

After you succeed in returning harmoniously with your partner, try to feel, you will feel happiness and increased love for your partner. In essence, it is true that a fight is a seasoning in household life, but that is not necessarily your alibi when a fight occurs.

Introspect yourself each, do not blame the couple, do not consider your opinion the most correct, and always honestly open with your partner, it is the permanence of you married May be useful.…

Effective Ways to Treat Headaches Naturally

Headache is a disease caused by several factors, such as lack of sleep, stress, lack of exercise, lack of water content, etc.

You can use pharmacies or drug stalls, but it is without risk. Because taking drugs continuously will have a negative effect on health.

Effective Ways to Treat Headaches Naturally

Are you interested in trying to treat headaches with natural ingredients? If so, try prescribing the following drugs:

Drink Hot Tea

Drink warm tea at your leisure time, this will give you a sense of calm and relaxation. Because headaches can be caused by stress, the peace of mind that you get from drinking hot tea can make your headache heal.

Drink a lot of white water

In the preceding explanation it has been stated that one of the factors that causes headaches is lack of water, so by consuming lots of headaches that attack you little by little it will subside.

Enough rest

Because you lack rest or sleep, your body will become weak, and that can make a headache appear. So the solution is rest enough to restore your stamina. With the recovery of stamina, your head that has become dizzy will recover.

Banana Fruit

Bananas contain potassium and magnesium which function to relieve headaches. If you experience a headache, try consuming bananas.

Ice Cube

The trick is to rub the ice cubes on the side of the head. You can also compress using this ice cube. It may be medically not yet used as a medicine, but there is already plenty of evidence that this way the headache can be cured.

Using Avocado Seeds

The trick: take some avocado seeds and then shred them. Then add a little water, squeeze it and paste the mixture right above the forehead.

Those are some natural ways you can cure your headaches. However, it is recommended that your headache does not heal immediately or subside, you should consult this to your doctor to check and make sure that the headaches you experience are normal headaches or because of other diseases. May be useful.…